Nominate a Charity

Any member of the group can nominate a charity by submitting this form.

There are a few requirements for a charity to be nominated:

  1. It must provide direct services in our geographic area.  Our area is 30km in all directions from the Municipal Offices in Brighton.
  2. It must be a registered charitable organization with a CRN (charity registration number).
  3. A charity which has won a grant can’t be nominated again within two years.

When you nominate a charity:
At the end of each meeting, three nominated charities will be chosen at random to be voted on at the next meeting.
If your charity is chosen, you are responsible for contacting them and preparing a five-minute presentation for the next meeting.  You also need to find a member of the charity who will come to the next meeting for a question and answer session.

Confirming presentations:
Please confirm before the meeting that both you and your charity will be able to attend, and let us know who from the charity will be speaking.  If you do not confirm by three weeks prior to the meeting we will be inviting our back-up nomination instead…it is very important that we have three charities to vote on and we need to give the new nominee plenty of time to prepare their presentation.

Geographic area:
We are committed to helping out LOCAL charities, so we are accepting organizations within 30km of the Brighton Municipal Office.  This area includes Trenton and Carrying Place, Frankford, Warkworth, Grafton and Castleton.  There are already groups in Cobourg and Belleville, so we’ve tried to include as many locations as possible without overlapping existing groups.
Please have a look at the distance to the charity before submitting your nomination, or if you can’t then let us know and we’ll be happy to do it for you.