How It Works

What if you could help to raise over $5,000 for your favourite local charity in under 2 hours?  We plan to do exactly that!

- We have four meetings per year, and 100 women make a $50 donation each time.
- At each meeting, three charities are nominated.
- Members vote on who gets the donation.
- A grant of $5,000 is made to whoever wins the vote
- Yes, it's THAT easy!

Join:  All you have to do to join is fill in a Membership Form and make your donation.  You can download the form here.

Donate:  For now, we accept only cash or cheques.  You can pay $50 per meeting or $200 for the whole year.  You can bring your donation to the next meeting, or you can send it in advance (details are on the Membership Form). 

Attend a Meeting:  Show up between 6:15 and 6:45 and we will give you your voting card.  After a brief presentation about our nominated charities, just write your vote on your card.

Vote:  To be able to vote, you must have made your donation either before or at the start of the meeting.  Unpaid members and non-members are welcome to attend but may not vote.  If you can’t attend the meeting, you should still vote.  Contact me (Rachel) before the meeting with the name of the charity you’d like to vote for, or ask another member to vote for you – please let me know if you plan to vote by proxy, I can be reached at

New Nominations:  At the end of the meeting, three nominees are chosen at random.  These are the charities that will do a presentation and be voted on at a following meeting.

Nominate:  This process only works with your participation!  Please consider nominating your favourite charity.  All you have to do is fill in and send us your Nomination Form.  More details on the nomination process can be found here.